Cashel Super and Pension Fund (Cashel Superannuation) is designed for wealthy families to take control over their future retirement funding without the need for an expensive and time-consuming self-managed superannuation fund.

Cashel Superannuation combines the lower cost of a retail superannuation fund with the sophistication of a private banking platform. It features:

A selection of tailored investment portfolios and five risk based managed portfolios

Access to over 1,400 different investment options

Customised insurance options from over seven different providers

Advice from Cashel Family Office experts in financial advice, insurance brokering, mortgage broking and investment management

Partnership with global leaders in custody, investment execution and trusteeship

Who we service

cashelfo client description

High net worth families

seeking a trusted partner to organise all their aspects of their superannuation, wealth and personal finances.

cashelfo client description

Affluent and aspiring couples

seeking an honest partner to organise and accelerate their superannuation and wealth creation.

Steps to wealth creation

As a member of Cashel Superannuation, you’ll become a member of Cashel Family Office. If you select the Tailored Investment Option you’ll be allocated a dedicated financial adviser who will assist you and your family with a range of advice strategies designed to help protect and grow your family’s lifestyle.

The additional support that comes as a member of Cashel Family Office includes:

Financial Planning

Insurance Advice

Investment Management

Mortgage Brokering

Administrative support

The Cashel Family Office difference

As a member and subject to the investment option you select, you will have a dedicated financial advisor allocated to your account. This advisor will assist you with personal advice on financial planning strategies, coordinate access to our debt experts, and assist with investment, insurance and administration platform selection.

The Cashel Super and Pension Fund Product Disclosure Document (PDS) and Investment Menu documents are available from cashelhg.com/forms-and-documents.


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Interests in the Cashel Super and Pension Fund, are Issued by Equity Trustees Superannuation Limited ABN: 50 055 641 757, RSE Licence Number L0001458, RSE Registration Number R1001020, AFS Licence No 229757  as Trustee for the Cashel Super and Pension Division of Xplore Super and Pension, a Sub Plan of the Aracon Superannuation Fund, ABN 40 586 548 205. Before making any decisions you should consider how appropriate this product is for your own personal financial circumstances, information on this website has been prepared without taking into account your personal circumstances.

Cashel Family Offices uses its size of members to gain buying power and access to leading global investment managers who help protect and grow your superannuation. You have the option to use our guidance or select from one of over 1,400 investment options using the power of our global custodian provider J.P. Morgan.


Our investment partners include:

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cashelfo partners

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Major savings compared to a self-managed super fund

    Data from the ATO on Self-Managed Super Funds (SMSFs) shows that for SMSFs with balances of $200k and below, the average annual operating expenses exceeded 6% and the average return on assets was negative.



    $1 – $50,000 14.29% Up to $7,145 −14.67%
    $50,001 – $100,000 6.92% $3,460 to $6,920 −5.39%
    $100,001 – $200,000 6.39% $6,390 to $12,780 −0.48%
    $200 ,001 – $500,000 3.36% $6,720 to $16,800 4.65%
    $500,001 – $1 million 1.58% $7,900 to $15,800 7.01%
    $1,000,001 – $2million 1.01% $10,100 to $20,200 8.37%
    $2,000,001 and higher 0.67% $13,400 and higher 12.89%

    * Expense ratio includes administration, operating and investment expenses.

    ^ Derived using the average operating expense ratio and the fund size bands.

    ~ Source: ATO ‘Self-managed super funds: a statistical overview 2016–17’


  • Before I consolidate my super funds what should I consider?

    Before considering fees and investments options, the main element you should consider is the life and personal insurances that may be included in your fund. All too often people close funds without first considering the insurance they will lose if they do that. If you close a fund then join a new fund without taking insurance advice you may not be eligible for insurances due to age, known or potential health issues. Remember your super has two purposes, to protect your family’s lifestyle now should something happen to you, and also to fund your lifestyle in retirement.

    When you apply to become a Cashel Super member we will complete a complementary insurance review of your existing funds and your current needs. Our recommendations may include maintaining your current fund, or applying for new insurances. Each recommendation is based on your personal needs.


  • How does Cashel Super compare to Australian Super, MLC Super or Plum Super?

    Australian Super, REST Super and other industry super funds are owned and operated by union groups and generally provide generic investment options and form the default starting option for many employees and employers. They offer a one size fits all solution.

    MLC Super, Colonial First State and Plum Super are examples of retail super funds. Established by large financial institutions to replicate the function of most industry super funds. These funds sometimes offer members the ability to obtain paid financial advice and a greater choice of investment options.

    Cashel Super has been established by Cashel Family Office to provide a genuine sophisticated alternative to people who no longer want an expensive self managed super fund, or those seeking a sophisticated retail super fund that is priced similar to an industry super fund but with the added benefit of dedicated financial and debt advisers who utilise our platform partners such as J.P. Morgan and AIA to invest globally and obtain the right insurances for your personal circumstances. Cashel Super will be a highly customisable superannuation fund that has been desired for the successful and aspirational alike.


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