As active asset managers, we access a diverse range of financial products, investments, debt instruments and insurance risk management tools to deliver your goals via our Cashel Managed Investment Account and Cashel Superannuation Fund.

An overview of options include:

Australian and International Shares

Build an investment portfolio that reflects your personal goals. We offer you the flexibility to invest in shares directly via a Separately Managed Account or a Managed Fund. You’ll have access to over 4,000 Australian and International Direct Equities.

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Separately Managed Accounts

Through active management by our portfolio managers, you’ll have the opportunity to invest directly in both Australian shares and global exchange traded products. These accounts provide lower transaction costs and greater transparency than a Managed Fund. Shares will be bought and sold in your name under strict investment guidelines.

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Managed Funds

Our Managed Funds include investment trusts that are actively managed by global portfolio managers. Our Cashel Managed Investment Account and Cashel Superannuation Fund give you access to over 1,000 Managed Funds which have been selected based on their potential for growth, stability and security.

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Opportunistic Investments (IPOs and Private Equity)

As wholesale or professional investors you will be invited to participate in direct opportunistic and special situations investments. This may include private equity, turn-around, activist and IPO opportunities.

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Fixed Interest, Bonds and Term Deposits

Fixed Interest, Bonds and Term Deposits can help you protect your wealth and diversify away from equity and real estate markets. We can help you gain access to over 40 bank guaranteed deposit providers, a list of global bonds and private debt fixed interest instruments.

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Debt Products

We assist in sourcing, structuring and negotiating debt products from over 45 Australian regulated lenders, and over a 100 international banks, private and institutional fixed income investors to suit your individual needs. We also help navigate the risks associated with lending, including servicing interest and debt repayments, ensuring your transactions are simple and secure.

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Insurance Products

Protecting yourself and your family against death, disability, loss of income and loss of property is an important consideration when planning your future. We provide access to a range of insurance companies and assist in negotiating an outcome that is best suited for you and your family.

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Estate Plans

We assist in the briefing of the commercial and financial aspects of your estate plan, taking care with areas that are easily overlooked by legal or tax advisors. While we are not able to complete your legal will, we can work with you to manage this process with your trusted legal advisors.

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