Growing up in country Victoria, I believed traditional stockbrokers held the keys to the kingdom of wealth creation. In the pursuit of knowledge, I ended up joining the financial sector gaining experience in Risk, Investment Banking and Financial Planning across Melbourne and Beijing. During this time I encountered hardworking, talented Australians who struggled to achieve their financial goals, and I wondered what held them back?

It eventually dawned on me – the majority of the financial sector thrived on complexity.

They leveraged their clients’ poor financial literacy, hiding behind financial jargon to focus on short-term goals, and congratulated themselves on high client turnover.

“I realised that people lacked access to the tools and guidance required to create opportunities for themselves. This is why I built a Multi-Family Office – to help people make smarter choices about their finances, through quality solutions that are tailored to their needs, and advice they can understand.”

Multi-family office in the financial sector

The concept of a Multi-Family Office is still fresh in Australia, but the model has been recognized globally for generations. So, what is a Multi-Family Office?

Similar to a private hospital, a Family Office provides access to a range of financial specialists. Who take care of a family’s financial wellbeing, managing everything from investments and debt, to superannuation. Over time, some Family Offices grew to service multiple families and came to be known as Multi-Family Offices (MFO). Traditionally, only an exclusive few could afford an MFO or Family Office. Because like a private hospital, their exceptional high-quality care and services come at a price.

We chose to challenge the status quo, transforming with evolving technology. To make quality financial solutions accessible to a broader community.

Unlike traditional stockbrokers, private bankers, and a majority of financial planners, we grow with our clients throughout their life stages, and build lasting relationships. At the heart of our Multi-Family Office, we believe wealth means more than money – it signifies choice.

We want to help create lifestyle choices for you now, and in the future – whether it’s retiring early to go globetrotting, supporting your family, or starting your own business. We help you live life, on your terms.

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