As a globally-focused family office, we are not biased by local opportunities. Through our leading investment platforms and partners, we source, balance and size investments in over 1,400 opportunities at any one time. This allows us to compare and benchmark each investment opportunity. These opportunities include:

Local and international listed companies

Private equity


Direct real estate

Fund managers

Cash and private debt lending options

Special situations

Cashel Family Office actively manages invested capital, asset allocation and investment selection to protect and grow generational wealth.

As a family office, we invest not with a short term or generic view, but with a generational long-term lens. Often allocating capital to unlisted and illiquid opportunities that allow our family office clients to outperform passive retail strategies.

Our unique approach to investment management follows the principles set out below:

Globally focused strategic asset allocation

As a family office our belief is that through strategic asset allocation across asset classes, we will achieve superior long term growth and portfolio value stability.

Invest in high conviction themes within asset class

Within each asset class we seek to be overweight in high conviction investment themes
that deliver capital protection, modest to high levels of liquidity with strong and predictable return tail winds.

Invest in predictable sectors

Within each asset class we only seek to invest in preferred sectors, those that are resilient
with strong and solid demand for their products and services.

Invest in the best of bread

Within each asset class, sector and theme we pride ourselves on our close working relationship with the management of each fund manager and business we invest in. It is critical that we can access and influence as necessary, positive and sustainable investment returns.


Dynamically manage capital deployed within your portfolio

Through our managed portfolios, we actively manage capital to target outperformance. Decreasing invested capital in times of market uncertainity, and increasing it in times of confidence. The objective being to track growing markets, and avoid retreating ones.

Manage your access to liquidity

As a family office we strongly believe that allocation to private markets generates superior returns. However in doing so we are conscious that this needs to be weighed against each family’s need for immediate access to liquidity. Through our engagement we manage this aspect to ensure your need for liquidity does not compromise your investment strategy.

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Who we service

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High net worth families

seeking a trusted partner to plan all their aspects of wealth and personal finances.

cashelfo client description

Affluent and aspiring couples

seeking an honest partner to plan and accelerate their wealth creation.

Steps to investment management

cashelfo method

Step 1

Identify lifestyle and investment needs

cashelfo method

Step 2

Source, balance and structure investment opportunities

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Step 3

Dynamically and actively manage investments

The Cashel Family Office difference

When you partner with Cashel Family Office, you invest alongside our staff and family. This means we protect and grow generational wealth together.

Our first priority is capital management. To protect what you have and ensure you can access what you need. Our second priority is to leverage our client numbers, individual strengths and collective networks to invest and manage your capital for long-term gains.

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Our team and qualifications are exceptional.

Our advisers hold related master’s degrees in finance, Chartered Financial Planner and Chartered Accountant qualifications that provide the skills needed to handle your family’s individual needs. Our ongoing training ensures we are at the forefront of thought leadership and best practice.

Our Australian Financial Services and Australian Credit License provides us with the unrestricted ability to source and compare financial, insurance debt and investment products and opportunities from every possible source.

Example of investment partners

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the difference between personal, market and aspirational investments?

    Personal assets are those best described as lifestyle assets, such as your primary place of residence, motor vehicle or holiday home.

    Market assets are those assets that are invested in market assets that rise and fall with markets generally, and

    Aspirational assets are those that you are likely in full or partial control of, such as your business. They typically have much higher levels of risk and hopefully higher levels of return.

  • What investment markets can I invest in with Cashel House?

    Through Cashel Family Office you can invest in any asset class, over 40 different stock exchanges, over 1,000 managed funds, over 4,000 different listed companies, unlisted private equity opportunities and in cash accounts with a variety of banks.

  • What will a typical investment portfolio consist of?

    No one investment portfolio is the same. Each will take into account your liquidity needs, a core model portfolio plus opportunistic investments where the investment portfolio is large enough to qualify you for wholesale opportunities. 

    A typical investment portfolio will include:

    • Cash
    • Term Deposits
    • Fixed interest securities
    • Real Estate
    • Australian and International Managed Funds
    • Australian and International Shares
    • Hedge Funds, Private Equity
    • Special Situations where you are a wholesale client

    The allocation to each will depend on your risk profile, experience, portfolio size, liquidity needs and personal interests.

  • What is a Separately Managed Account?

    A separately managed account is an investment mandate that enables Cashel Family Office to invest in direct shares and managed funds, and dynamically re-balance and re-position the portfolio without interrupting you for every minor change. This enables you to hold shares directly in your name, without the additional costs of a fund manager.

    Cashel Family Office manages 8 discrete separately managed account strategies:

    1. Cashel Special Situations
    2. Cashel Private Portfolio
    3. Cashel Global Special Investments.
    4. Cashel High Growth Managed Portfolio
    5. Cashel Growth Managed Portfolio
    6. Cashel Balanced Managed Portfolio
    7. Cashel Conservative Balanced Managed Portfolio
    8. Cashel Conservative Managed Portfolio
  • What is the difference between Cashel Family Office and a Stock Broker?

    Through its partnership with Bank of New York Mellon, Cashel Family Office can buy and sell shares just like a stock broker. However, unlike a stock broker, Cashel Family Office is engaged by you to protect and grow your wealth, rather than to actively buy and sell shares to generate a brokerage fee. Our primary business is wealth management, not capital raisings for companies. 

  • What is the difference between Cashel Family Office and an Exchange Traded Fund?

    Cashel Family Office is an active investment manager. We seek to constantly review your investment portfolio, the investments and investment themes it is invested in, and the proportion of investments versus cash that you may hold at any time. It is this last difference that makes Cashel Family Office an active investment manager. In times of confidence we seek to invest in growing markets, in times of weakness and uncertainty we seek to reduce investment positions and hold funds in cash accounts while markets oscillate. 

    Exchange Traded Funds (ETF) are investment strategies that invest in specific exchanges or sectors. At all times they must be invested in the investment strategy specific to its mandate. Because of this, each time they receive further funds they need to invest it in their investment strategy regardless of whether the markets are expensive or not. While ETF can be cheaper, they can often lead to lower returns than an active asset manager.

  • Who holds my assets? Are they Safe?

    Your assets are held safely either within a custody account with J.P. Morgan (one of the 3 largest custodian banks in the world), or in a securities account with Bank of New York Mellon (the largest custodian bank in the world).

  • How do I access my investments?

    Through one of Cashel Family Office’s audited platforms overseen by a third party trustee and with global custody arrangements.

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