Category: Estate Planning

09Oct 2018

Financial Health Checklist

If you pay over 4% interest on your home loan, don’t have a Will or don’t know how your super is invested, it’s time for a financial review. An annual review of your financial situation is an important part of...

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29Jun 2018

Who to trust in the 2019 financial year?

2018 was an eye-opening year for the financial services industry. As a member of the financial services industry, the findings of the Royal Commission were expected. But the level of distrust now surrounding the banks and their related professionals have...

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10Mar 2018

Estate Planning more than just a Will and Letters

We meet all types of clients. For the clients who are thinking of estate planning we at cashel house provide advisory. But despite their differing backgrounds, line of work or attention to personal finances, one thing remains truly consistent. Before...

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